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25 September 2016

My tongue shrivled up and fell off in a habenero hellfire accident.  read all about it!

5 May 2016

Cinco de Mayo special sauce release

“Amazingly good on our tacos​. Dark, rich, full flavored. It’s no doubt a habanero sauce, but the depth of flavor up front is unique. Deep. Not tame by any means, Apocalips brings on a medium burn that just settles nicely in the middle of the pack.Just right.​"


Brian Meagher,


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01 January 2016

Interview with so and so biggie biggie

All new flavors to stoke the fires of your inner dragon are here!  More flavors, more options and more uses for each than ever before.  Our new lineup is bigger and more robust than ever!  Click below to investigate our traditional favorites and all new offerings.

Our New Lineup

We're not just an online store!  Stop in to our restaurant and pub to sample our latest offerings and a fantastic lineup of craft micro brews and your classic favorites both domestic and imported.

There are a lot ways to makes sauces and then there's the right way... the hard way. Use only the best ingredients.  Ingredients you can pronounce, locally sourced for the freshest, fire-breathing flavors on the planet to stoke your inner dragon.

What Clients Say About Us

"It tastes just like drinking apple jack moon shine while eating caramel. You can definitely taste the Jack Daniel's in this sauce.  The apple juice taste is up front along with the butter, molasses and cinnamon.  I also get a apple pie spice flavor. FANTASTIC!!!  This is defiantly a must try!


Taste: 10 out of 10