Seasonal Sauce

Fire In The Hole

Take Bonfatto’s highly-popular Original sauce, heighten it with a few extra peppers, and presto! A flavorful fiery heat that creeps up on you without being a so-called suicide sauce.

Welcome All Ye Hungry Hordes!

Seasonal Sauce

Hawaiian BBQ​Pineapple, soy, sesame… it’s a blend you don’t hear of very often, but this versatile marinade is perfect for chicken, beef, stir-fry, or for grilling everything from kabobs to veggies.

Hoppy Verde 2 U

Oh yes we did!  When others are thinking of putting peppers into beer, we thought of putting a beer element into a roasted tomatillo sauce.  Fresh hops,  cilantro and roasted veggies mesh with wild heat from Habanero and Ghost peppers.

Ghost Of Christmas Past

(Limited Edition)

Fresh Cranberries,100% Pasteurized Orange Juice, Bourbon,Cinnamon,Ghost Peppers and Special Spices.

Original Wing Sauce

Tangy and hot, and made with real butter! A combination of versatility and flavor that most sauce-meisters aspire to, but never reach – and yet Bonfatto’s nailed it in their very first sauce!

Tongue Thai’d

​​Who doesn’t love Asian when they dine out? Well now savor the exotic flavors at home – even when you grill! – with this hot, yet sweet and peanutty baste sure to pass any Asian food fan’s taste test.

The knights and damsels in distress may be gone, but the dragons live on! Yes, in Bonfatto’s Sauces & Marinades. Heat no longer surrenders to taste like it did in the Dark Ages. You will definitely see the light – and feel the bite of a new Renaissance of flavors – as you savor the saucy combos of fruits, peppers, and sacred spices. But be forewarned: while questing for your favorite toothsome flavor, you may have to joust with other hungry knaves.

​Seasonal Sauce

Gooney Bird
Sweet n Sassy

Kansas City style BBQ sauce in a 16 oz bottle.  Tomato-based with brown sugar, molasses and our special blend of spices make the Sassy stand out. Terrific sauce for all of your BBQ food.

The goods!

Apple Pepper Jack

All it takes is one sample and the multiple layers of flavors discover your taste buds! With a wonderful heat on the back end, it’s a perfect
complement for almost anything you make – from appetizers to desserts.



There are fans of heat, and fans of sweet… and those who scream for a little of both! Bonfatto’s aims to please with this “peach” of a sauce idea, perfect for both main course and dessert grilling.


A habanero sauce made with oranges, carrots, honey and coffee. Bold and surprising; formidable and fiery - a taste that’s equal parts heaven and hell. The preferred condiment of the Four Horsemen.

Gooney Bird
Choco Razz Hab

A tomato-based BBQ sauce twisted up with chocolate,raspberries and habaneros. Not too spicy - just the right kick. And who doesn't like a little chocolate?

​Bloody Mary​

We searched high and low to bring you the very best and the freshest Tomatoes, Vinegar, Worcestershire Sauce, Horseradish, Onion, Spices, Clams, Green Olives with Pimentos, Garlic, Lime Juice, Lemon Juice, Kosher Salt and Capers to blend them into a hearty and smooth Artisan Blend that is as beautiful and versatile as it is delicious.

Razz Hab

Start with a great raspberry presence, then add the blackened heat from the habanero pepper, and the result is this fan favorite: simultaneously a great grilling add-on for pork, salmon, venison, and even as a wonderful dessert sauce.