The Hot Pepper Awards


Bonfatto's Wing Sauce & Marinade - Apple Pepper Jack (FIRST PLACE)

Bonfatto's Wing Sauce & Marinade - Fire In The Hole (Both HOT and SAVORY wins)

Town & Gown:Taste of the Month - Wings

Bonfatto’s won the 2007 Wing King title at WingFest and has won four consecutive years at the Blue & White Wing Fest since it began in 2008. In addition, in 2011, Letterman submitted his sauces to the Fiery Food Challenge competition in Texas. Out of 750 entries from around the country, Bonfatto’s Apple Pepper Jack and Fire-in-the-Hole each received a third place, and the Original Buffalo and RazzHab earned the Golden Chili Award.

Awards & Recognition

World Hot Sauce Awards

(2016 Winners)

Wing Sauce: Bonfatto's Original Wing Sauce, Dessert Sauce: Bonfatto's Razz Hab, Verde: Bonfatto’s Hoppy Verde 2 U (FIRST PLACE)

It's all about doing it right!

No matter how skilled you might be at stirring the cauldron, you have to put good in to get good out!  Here at Bonfatto's, only the best of the best gets in and only perfection gets out.


At Bonfatto's, our goal is to make the best, most flavorful and memorable hot sauce experiences you'll ever have the joy to partake in.  We're obsessive about our methods and even more so about our final products.  We strive to make every bottle perfect and to leave your taste buds crying for more firey goodness to fan the flames of your hunger!

2018 ​Sip Awards International  Spirits Competition

Bonfatto's earn a Double Gold Sip Award for the Bloody  Mary Artisan Blend

Company Profile



Founded: 2006

Owner: David Letterman

Certifications: yes, he's crazy


Areas of expertise:  Slaying hot sauce recipes, hob-nobbing with Absolute Vodka ceo's and causing general mischief.